Jacobites of the '45

cockade This Jacobites site gives sources of information in relation to the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion. It is not intended to convey any opinion as to the political history of the '45 Rebellion, there are plenty of sites already dealing with that aspect of Jacobite history. The object is to show, through actual documents, text and pictures what the leading Jacobites of the 1745 Rebellion were really like. The descriptions of the principal characters including Bonnie Prince Charlie, lists of prisoners captured after the battle of Culloden, summaries of evidence from witnesses at the trials of leading Jacobites and named Hanoverian spies make interesting reading. Trial witnesses are named and this, together with the list of prisoners makes a valuable source for anyone researching their Scottish genealogy roots.

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Please email with any comments, enquiries, additional information or indeed if you are in possession of any interesting Jacobite documents or books. I would be glad to hear from you.
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McDonald of Glencoe


George Watson's College, Jacobite Teaching Aid


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